Family Membership
1. Primary member in household pays full dues.
2. For up to three members in the same household, members pay one half international and district dues, the full insurance portion, but no magazine subscription.
 3. Current Kiwanis family members living at the same location may convert to family membership. One member of the family must serve as the primary member and pay full dues.
 4. Sponsored by all pilot Kiwanis Districts (Pacific Northwest, Ohio, and New England) as they all see it as a valuable option for their clubs.
5. Lions club has reached an all-time high adding 35,603 family members with only 4,637 conversions while Kiwanis declined 40% from its peak membership.
6. Districts and clubs can choose to implement.
7. At 2019 Kiwanis Convention, over 60% of delegates voted in favor of amendment, but we need 67% to approve.